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Afghanistan AFGSouthern and Central Asia Asia22720000
Albania ALBSouthern Europe Europe3401200
Algeria DZANorthern Africa Africa31471000
American Samoa ASMPolynesia Oceania68000
Andorra ANDSouthern Europe Europe78000
Angola AGOCentral Africa Africa12878000
Anguilla AIACaribbean North America8000
Antarctica ATAAntarctica Antarctica0
Antigua and Barbuda ATGCaribbean North America68000
Argentina ARGSouth America South America37032000
Armenia ARMMiddle East Asia3520000
Aruba ABWCaribbean North America103000
Australia AUSAustralia and New Zealand Oceania18886000
Austria AUTWestern Europe Europe8091800
Azerbaijan AZEMiddle East Asia7734000
Bahamas BHSCaribbean North America307000
Bahrain BHRMiddle East Asia617000
Bangladesh BGDSouthern and Central Asia Asia129155000
Barbados BRBCaribbean North America270000
Belarus BLREastern Europe Europe10236000
Belgium BELWestern Europe Europe10239000
Belize BLZCentral America North America241000
Benin BENWestern Africa Africa6097000
Bermuda BMUNorth America North America65000
Bhutan BTNSouthern and Central Asia Asia2124000
Bolivia BOLSouth America South America8329000
Bosnia and Herzegovina BIHSouthern Europe Europe3972000
Botswana BWASouthern Africa Africa1622000
Bouvet Island BVTAntarctica Antarctica0
Brazil BRASouth America South America170115000
British Indian Ocean Territory IOTEastern Africa Africa0
Brunei BRNSoutheast Asia Asia328000
Bulgaria BGREastern Europe Europe8190900
Burkina Faso BFAWestern Africa Africa11937000
Burundi BDIEastern Africa Africa6695000
Cambodia KHMSoutheast Asia Asia11168000
Cameroon CMRCentral Africa Africa15085000
Canada CANNorth America North America31147000
Cape Verde CPVWestern Africa Africa428000
Cayman Islands CYMCaribbean North America38000
Central African Republic CAFCentral Africa Africa3615000
Chad TCDCentral Africa Africa7651000
Chile CHLSouth America South America15211000
China CHNEastern Asia Asia1277558000
Christmas Island CXRAustralia and New Zealand Oceania2500
Cocos (Keeling) Islands CCKAustralia and New Zealand Oceania600
Colombia COLSouth America South America42321000
Comoros COMEastern Africa Africa578000
Congo COGCentral Africa Africa2943000
Congo, The Democratic Republic of the CODCentral Africa Africa51654000
Cook Islands COKPolynesia Oceania20000
Costa Rica CRICentral America North America4023000
Côte d’Ivoire CIVWestern Africa Africa14786000
Croatia HRVSouthern Europe Europe4473000
Cuba CUBCaribbean North America11201000
Cyprus CYPMiddle East Asia754700
Czech Republic CZEEastern Europe Europe10278100
Denmark DNKNordic Countries Europe5330000
Djibouti DJIEastern Africa Africa638000
Dominica DMACaribbean North America71000
Dominican Republic DOMCaribbean North America8495000
East Timor TMPSoutheast Asia Asia885000
Ecuador ECUSouth America South America12646000
Egypt EGYNorthern Africa Africa68470000
El Salvador SLVCentral America North America6276000
Equatorial Guinea GNQCentral Africa Africa453000
Eritrea ERIEastern Africa Africa3850000
Estonia ESTBaltic Countries Europe1439200
Ethiopia ETHEastern Africa Africa62565000
Falkland Islands FLKSouth America South America2000
Faroe Islands FRONordic Countries Europe43000
Fiji Islands FJIMelanesia Oceania817000
Finland FINNordic Countries Europe5171300
France FRAWestern Europe Europe59225700
French Guiana GUFSouth America South America181000
French Polynesia PYFPolynesia Oceania235000
French Southern territories ATFAntarctica Antarctica0
Gabon GABCentral Africa Africa1226000
Gambia GMBWestern Africa Africa1305000
Georgia GEOMiddle East Asia4968000
Germany DEUWestern Europe Europe82164700
Ghana GHAWestern Africa Africa20212000
Gibraltar GIBSouthern Europe Europe25000
Greece GRCSouthern Europe Europe10545700
Greenland GRLNorth America North America56000
Grenada GRDCaribbean North America94000
Guadeloupe GLPCaribbean North America456000
Guam GUMMicronesia Oceania168000
Guatemala GTMCentral America North America11385000
Guinea GINWestern Africa Africa7430000
Guinea-Bissau GNBWestern Africa Africa1213000
Guyana GUYSouth America South America861000
Haiti HTICaribbean North America8222000
Heard Island and McDonald Islands HMDAntarctica Antarctica0
Holy See (Vatican City State) VATSouthern Europe Europe1000
Honduras HNDCentral America North America6485000
Hong Kong HKGEastern Asia Asia6782000
Hungary HUNEastern Europe Europe10043200
Iceland ISLNordic Countries Europe279000
India INDSouthern and Central Asia Asia1013662000
Indonesia IDNSoutheast Asia Asia212107000
Iran IRNSouthern and Central Asia Asia67702000
Iraq IRQMiddle East Asia23115000
Ireland IRLBritish Islands Europe3775100
Israel ISRMiddle East Asia6217000
Italy ITASouthern Europe Europe57680000
Jamaica JAMCaribbean North America2583000
Japan JPNEastern Asia Asia126714000
Jordan JORMiddle East Asia5083000
Kazakstan KAZSouthern and Central Asia Asia16223000
Kenya KENEastern Africa Africa30080000
Kiribati KIRMicronesia Oceania83000
Kuwait KWTMiddle East Asia1972000
Kyrgyzstan KGZSouthern and Central Asia Asia4699000
Laos LAOSoutheast Asia Asia5433000
Latvia LVABaltic Countries Europe2424200
Lebanon LBNMiddle East Asia3282000
Lesotho LSOSouthern Africa Africa2153000
Liberia LBRWestern Africa Africa3154000
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya LBYNorthern Africa Africa5605000
Liechtenstein LIEWestern Europe Europe32300
Lithuania LTUBaltic Countries Europe3698500
Luxembourg LUXWestern Europe Europe435700
Macao MACEastern Asia Asia473000
Macedonia MKDSouthern Europe Europe2024000
Madagascar MDGEastern Africa Africa15942000
Malawi MWIEastern Africa Africa10925000
Malaysia MYSSoutheast Asia Asia22244000
Maldives MDVSouthern and Central Asia Asia286000
Mali MLIWestern Africa Africa11234000
Malta MLTSouthern Europe Europe380200
Marshall Islands MHLMicronesia Oceania64000
Martinique MTQCaribbean North America395000
Mauritania MRTWestern Africa Africa2670000
Mauritius MUSEastern Africa Africa1158000
Mayotte MYTEastern Africa Africa149000
Mexico MEXCentral America North America98881000
Micronesia, Federated States of FSMMicronesia Oceania119000
Moldova MDAEastern Europe Europe4380000
Monaco MCOWestern Europe Europe34000
Mongolia MNGEastern Asia Asia2662000
Montserrat MSRCaribbean North America11000
Morocco MARNorthern Africa Africa28351000
Mozambique MOZEastern Africa Africa19680000
Myanmar MMRSoutheast Asia Asia45611000
Namibia NAMSouthern Africa Africa1726000
Nauru NRUMicronesia Oceania12000
Nepal NPLSouthern and Central Asia Asia23930000
Netherlands NLDWestern Europe Europe15864000
Netherlands Antilles ANTCaribbean North America217000
New Caledonia NCLMelanesia Oceania214000
New Zealand NZLAustralia and New Zealand Oceania3862000
Nicaragua NICCentral America North America5074000
Niger NERWestern Africa Africa10730000
Nigeria NGAWestern Africa Africa111506000
Niue NIUPolynesia Oceania2000
Norfolk Island NFKAustralia and New Zealand Oceania2000
North Korea PRKEastern Asia Asia24039000
Northern Mariana Islands MNPMicronesia Oceania78000
Norway NORNordic Countries Europe4478500
Oman OMNMiddle East Asia2542000
Pakistan PAKSouthern and Central Asia Asia156483000
Palau PLWMicronesia Oceania19000
Palestine PSEMiddle East Asia3101000
Panama PANCentral America North America2856000
Papua New Guinea PNGMelanesia Oceania4807000
Paraguay PRYSouth America South America5496000
Peru PERSouth America South America25662000
Philippines PHLSoutheast Asia Asia75967000
Pitcairn PCNPolynesia Oceania50
Poland POLEastern Europe Europe38653600
Portugal PRTSouthern Europe Europe9997600
Puerto Rico PRICaribbean North America3869000
Qatar QATMiddle East Asia599000
Réunion REUEastern Africa Africa699000
Romania ROMEastern Europe Europe22455500
Russian Federation RUSEastern Europe Europe146934000
Rwanda RWAEastern Africa Africa7733000
Saint Helena SHNWestern Africa Africa6000
Saint Kitts and Nevis KNACaribbean North America38000
Saint Lucia LCACaribbean North America154000
Saint Pierre and Miquelon SPMNorth America North America7000
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VCTCaribbean North America114000
Samoa WSMPolynesia Oceania180000
San Marino SMRSouthern Europe Europe27000
Sao Tome and Principe STPCentral Africa Africa147000
Saudi Arabia SAUMiddle East Asia21607000
Senegal SENWestern Africa Africa9481000
Seychelles SYCEastern Africa Africa77000
Sierra Leone SLEWestern Africa Africa4854000
Singapore SGPSoutheast Asia Asia3567000
Slovakia SVKEastern Europe Europe5398700
Slovenia SVNSouthern Europe Europe1987800
Solomon Islands SLBMelanesia Oceania444000
Somalia SOMEastern Africa Africa10097000
South Africa ZAFSouthern Africa Africa40377000
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands SGSAntarctica Antarctica0
South Korea KOREastern Asia Asia46844000
Spain ESPSouthern Europe Europe39441700
Sri Lanka LKASouthern and Central Asia Asia18827000
Sudan SDNNorthern Africa Africa29490000
Suriname SURSouth America South America417000
Svalbard and Jan Mayen SJMNordic Countries Europe3200
Swaziland SWZSouthern Africa Africa1008000
Sweden SWENordic Countries Europe8861400
Switzerland CHEWestern Europe Europe7160400
Syria SYRMiddle East Asia16125000
Taiwan TWNEastern Asia Asia22256000
Tajikistan TJKSouthern and Central Asia Asia6188000
Tanzania TZAEastern Africa Africa33517000
Thailand THASoutheast Asia Asia61399000
Togo TGOWestern Africa Africa4629000
Tokelau TKLPolynesia Oceania2000
Tonga TONPolynesia Oceania99000
Trinidad and Tobago TTOCaribbean North America1295000
Tunisia TUNNorthern Africa Africa9586000
Turkey TURMiddle East Asia66591000
Turkmenistan TKMSouthern and Central Asia Asia4459000
Turks and Caicos Islands TCACaribbean North America17000
Tuvalu TUVPolynesia Oceania12000
Uganda UGAEastern Africa Africa21778000
Ukraine UKREastern Europe Europe50456000
United Arab Emirates AREMiddle East Asia2441000
United Kingdom GBRBritish Islands Europe59623400
United States USANorth America North America278357000
United States Minor Outlying Islands UMIMicronesia/Caribbean Oceania0
Uruguay URYSouth America South America3337000
Uzbekistan UZBSouthern and Central Asia Asia24318000
Vanuatu VUTMelanesia Oceania190000
Venezuela VENSouth America South America24170000
Vietnam VNMSoutheast Asia Asia79832000
Virgin Islands, British VGBCaribbean North America21000
Virgin Islands, U.S. VIRCaribbean North America93000
Wallis and Futuna WLFPolynesia Oceania15000
Western Sahara ESHNorthern Africa Africa293000
Yemen YEMMiddle East Asia18112000
Yugoslavia YUGSouthern Europe Europe10640000
Zambia ZMBEastern Africa Africa9169000
Zimbabwe ZWEEastern Africa Africa11669000