PHP & MySQL Scripts

These sample PHP Scripts are for Learning Purposes only
PHP & MySQL Scripts
PHP Config File - Used by all Scripts to Connect to MySQL Download
MySQL World Database - Used by Example Scripts Download
Display All Countries from World Database Run Download
Display Specific Countries from World DatabaseRun Download
The Best Data Grid EverRun Download
Pass Parameters Between QueriesRun Download
Populate Dropdown and pass parameter to QueryRun Download
Paging Query DemoRun Download
Paging Query Demo With Record CountRun Download
Paging Query Demo With SortingRun Download
PHP MySQL Styled TableRun Download
Search Data Passed From a FormRun Download
Write Database Results to CSV FileRun Download
Create XML File from Database QueryRun Download
PHP and MySQL Check Username Availability and Password MatchRun Download
PHP and MySQL Login and Registration System using BootstrapRun Download